Co To Island Sea View: Thanh Mang Hotel

If you are planning to visit Co To Island and searching for a place to stay, then make sure to visit Thanh Mang Hotel for quality services and comfortable accommodations! We believe that Thanh Mang Hotel will bring you wonderful moments during your vacation.


Co To Island is a must-visit destination for those who love unique experiences. It captivates with its beauty, preserving the most authentic natural charms. Every year, it attracts a multitude of tourists from near and far. To meet the essential needs of travelers such as dining, accommodation, leisure, and entertainment, Thanh Mang Hotel has been established as a comprehensive system.

Thanh Mang Hotel boasts an exquisite design and is one of the largest hotels on Co To Island. It enjoys a convenient geographical location, just a few steps away from the beach and the Love Road. This location offers great convenience for travelers during their stay.


Detailed Address

Thanh Mang Hotel is located in Nam Hai, Co To, Quang Ninh, the most beautiful location in Co To town. It enjoys a cool and airy position, situated right along the central street of the town and just 300 meters away from Co To Port.

Directions to Thanh Mang Hotel

For local travelers, you can use various means of transportation like Grab, electric cars, buses, private cars, etc., to reach Thanh Mang Hotel. If you’re a long-distance or international traveler, you can book a ticket to Van Don Airport and then take a taxi or use shuttle services to reach the hotel area.


Design Style

With a simple yet elegant design style, Thanh Mang Hotel exudes sophistication. It focuses on simplicity, elegance, and the interior layout is delicately arranged to create spacious and comfortable rooms, optimizing the view of Co To Island’s scenery.

Room System at Thanh Mang Hotel

Single Room

This room is perfect for couples or small families with one child. Equipped with a large-sized bed and modern amenities, the room exudes warmth with wooden furnishings. The floor is adorned with smooth stone tiles, while wooden accents delicately embellish certain areas of the walls, creating a familiar and cozy ambiance even in the smallest details.

All rooms feature windows with various views for guests to choose according to their preferences, allowing them to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Co To Island right from their rooms.

Double Room

A small family or a group of around 4 people can opt for this spacious room, offering modern amenities for a comfortable and meaningful vacation. With a limited number available, the Double Rooms focus on a minimalist design, providing a spacious layout and a refreshing balcony overlooking the panoramic view of Co To Island. Equipped with facilities such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, hot and cold water dispenser, the room also features a generously sized and airy bathroom.

Dormitory Room

If you seek affordable accommodation that doesn’t compromise privacy, and can accommodate a group of 8-10 people, the dormitory room is one of the most ideal suggestions. This room ensures standard services at a reasonable price while allowing a group stay with privacy maintained.


At Thanh Mang Hotel, not only are the rooms equipped with modern amenities catering to guests’ individual needs, but the hotel also offers additional support services. These include complimentary parking facilities, beachside BBQ gatherings, and a diverse breakfast buffet tailored to suit the tastes of guests staying at the hotel.

The restaurant, situated on the hotel’s first floor, offers incredibly delicious cuisine, featuring a wide array of local specialties available at any time. Known for its preparation of the freshest seafood on Co To Island, the restaurant introduces unique and delectable dishes to satisfy travelers’ palates. Dining here promises a distinct experience unlike any other establishment in the area.


Visitors on vacation have left numerous positive comments about the room quality and accompanying services at the hotel. Here are some of the reviews you can consider regarding the hotel:

“The hotel is elegant, equipped with amenities such as elevators and a restaurant. Many rooms offer a sea view, and the restaurant area is exceptionally cool and airy. The hostess is enthusiastic, attentive, and dedicated to guests.

The room’s interior is unique and very clean. The blend of rural inspiration alongside modern elements is intriguing. I plan to return to hear more stories from the hostess about the challenges of island life, the tales from the 90s when there was no sea or coral visible from the shore.”


You can contact the hotline at 0836 916 414 for booking inquiries and further information about Thanh Mang Hotel.


Currently, Co To Island is attracting a large number of tourists from both domestic and international locations due to its crystal-clear waters, pristine natural landscapes, and delightful local cuisine.

Hong Van Beach

Located about 7km away from the town area, Hong Van is renowned for its tranquil, romantic beach with calm waves. Its untouched natural beauty, serene atmosphere, fine white sand, and clear blue water will captivate you from your very first step onto its shores.

A notable feature of Hong Van is the beach amusement park – Co To Park, offering numerous activities suitable for all ages. Here, you can have fun with friends, release work-related stress, and have an unforgettable vacation on Co To Island.

Co To Lighthouse

The winding and rugged road leading to Co To Lighthouse holds hidden beauty amidst occasional moments of fear but equally thrilling and novel experiences for visitors.

Considered the “eye of the night sea,” the lighthouse illuminates the coastline every night, marking the seashores and guiding ships safely to shore. This location is also regarded as having one of the most beautiful views in Vietnam.

Co To Con Islet

Visitors here can immerse themselves in emerald green waters with beautiful ocean fish swimming around vibrant coral reefs, creating a lively and captivating oceanic tableau.

For those who prefer a more leisurely experience, you can stroll along the smooth white sand beach, searching for unique seashells or sitting on the rocks to admire various forms of starfish. Co To Con Islet boasts an unspoiled beauty with its deep blue ocean waters, attracting numerous visitors.